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Dear non-Czech speakers,

Welcome to the land of triple consonants that painfully twist your tongue, the strangely pronounced consonant "r", conjugation with five different verb classes, declination with seven cases singular and plural - not mentioning the amount of masculine-feminine-neutral patterns/paradigms, and the "ř" sound as a cherry on top. We would like to offer you a safe, friendly and exciting guide through this jungle of seemingly incomprehensible clusters of sounds.

Our teachers are qualified Czech native speakers with Czech-as-a-foreign-language teaching experience who aim to provide communicative, energetic teaching. (You may be interested to know that some of your teachers speak fluent English, some fluent German.)

We are aware of a possible cultural shock that a typical down-to-grammar Czech language teaching approach may arouse. Although there is no way of avoiding Czech grammar, our teachers´ emphasis on interactive communication methods with humour, an essential spice of any language learning, will surely ease the burden of your Czech studies. Simply put: no typically boring Czech classes with Candid.

As there is no brilliant Czech textbook, we supplement the textbooks we use (such as Communicative Czech, Základní kurs češtiny) with various teaching materials (e.g. grammar exercises, role plays, games, projects) that are designed and adjusted to each level by our teachers.

We would like to suggest the following course format: for the fastest progress: a block of two teaching hours weekly. Another well-tried format is our residential weekend course that allows you to plunge into the language from morning till late at night. That way there are not any "absolutely earthshaking" business problems that interrupt precious class time. Instead we offer Czech class which allows full concentration on your Czech studies in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, which also benefits you as a student. A combination of weekly in-house classes with monthly weekend Czech courses is a highly efficient way of language study. We would be happy to inform you of our different formats regarding these courses. If you are interested, please contact us.

Further questions? (Communication can be held in Czech or English.)

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